eCommerce Software & Consulting

DCYPHR DIGITAL has an experienced team of eCommerce Solutionists offering a suite of products and services. Our products include:

  1. A highly customisable and modular eCommerce shop front that can get clients selling quickly. It can scale up as revenue & complexity increases. The platform has built in integrations to Payment Gateways, Address Verification services, Advanced Search platforms like Algolia etc
  2. An ERP connector for AP21 that enables seamless order fulfillment and accounting
  3. A Marketplace middleware which enables selling of products across 3rd party channels like The ICONIC, Catch or even Shopify
  4. A Promotions Management platform
  5. A CRM system
  6. A suite of connectors for 3rd party Digital Marketing platforms like Campaign Monitor, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, AB Tasty, BazaarVoice, LoyaltyLion etc
  7. A Loyalty Management platform
  8. A Warehouse Stock Tracking System which includes a Web App that can be seamlessly used with a barcode reader and an Admin panel

Our vast expertise in the eCommerce space allows us to offer comprehensive, simple and efficient solutions to complex business problems which need not be technology based. Within the technology space our services extend to offering eCommerce Solutions to help you sell better and faster online.

Our delivery model includes assessing your requirements, formulating the best solution for you, implementing it and maintaining it seamlessly. The blended combination of on-shore and off-shore resourcing means we can deliver cost efficiency.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and our client portfolio includes leading Australian Companies.

Please feel free to contact us on for any queries.